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At Like the Original we like to explore opportunities. Partnering is our second nature. We constantly seek strategic partners that complement our expertise, amplify our impact and support our commitment to providing shared value to our business and communities across the USA. Like the Original  has been sensitive to the needs of the Architectural and Design Community since its inception. We understand the interior design process and continually strive to support requests. Our experience and expertise in the furniture business as well as our technical capabilities give us the tools to support the Designer and Architect in many ways. Becoming a partner with us means we will provide the best possible service. Our goal is to respect the intent of the Design Professional and support that objective with product knowledge. We continually challenge ourselves to provide quick and accurate information to enable the design process. Good to know: we shall always respect the relationship between Design Professional and Client.

Go ahead: partner with us! You may be interested in sending an email to, requesting the opening of a Trade Account.